PNA Scores Slam Dunk In MSC Adjudication Process

After a long and very intensive process, the final decision of the MSC-appointed Independent Adjudicator (IA) was published yesterday, with it backing the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) decision that the PNA Free School skipjack and yellowfin fisheries should be recertified.

The outcome is a slam dunk for the PNA countries after a record amount of 24 scoring objections were lodged by the IPNLF two months ago, the lobby group for the Pole and Line fisheries. Not one single objection by the group was upheld and all of them have been completely dismissed after an extremely extensive review by the Independent Adjudicator. The 47-page document with the final decision has been made public and can be downloaded at any time. The document explains, methodically and in detail, the reasons why the adjudicator has decided to dismiss all of the objections posed both in writing and orally by the Objector.

From the first moment of this barrage of objections, PNA and Pacifical have expressed that the attempts to stop its re-certification by the IPNLF and the On The Hook campaign had little to do with any sincere environmental concerns, but were commercially motivated and aimed at damaging the image of PNA as well as publicly intimidating MSC and Pacifical customers in the UK market. IPNLF Chairman and major shareholder of UK’s largest pole and line distributor World Wise Foods, John Burton, played a key role in these efforts to block PNA’s re-certification. The complete defeat of all IPNLF arguments is proof that their challenges had no grounds, and that the PNA tuna fishery is indeed managed following the highest standards of sustainability.

Dr. David Agnew, MSC Science and Standards Director reacted: “This highlights the strength of the MSC process. As a result of this objection, more information is now in the public domain about the PNA fishery, adding to the information in the published assessment report, and improving the transparency of the fishery’s management. This confirms that the PNA skipjack tuna fishery is a sustainable and well-managed fishery that has made considerable improvements over the course of its first MSC certificate. People buying MSC labelled PNA tuna can be confident that their purchase is making a positive difference to the sustainability of our oceans.”

PNA Commercial Director, Mr. Maurice Brownjohn OBE said, “With conviction we can say that our sustainably-managed MSC certified skipjack and yellowfin free school tuna fishery will continue to impact the ocean eco-system within our Pacifical waters in a positive way. It provides the platform to our 8 PNA Island nations to carry on and endure growth of this mission that is bigger than ourselves; ensuring our tuna from sustainable stocks are widely available for generations to come.”

The outcome of the adjudication means that the PNA is now assured to receive its re-certification from the MSC within the next few days. For Pacifical customers, carrying the MSC logo and Pacifical co-brand on their packaging, this assures a continued regular supply of sustainable skipjack and yellowfin for the coming years.

As Pacifical we would like to take this time to thank those who have strongly supported us and firmly stood by us throughout this challenging process, our partners’ continuous encouragement and unrestricted trust, which have kept both PNA and Pacifical sharp and focused on our vision at all times. Your support was essential!

We will be sharing more big news soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions please just get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.