Verification and authentication of your Pacific tuna product sustainability claims

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Pacifical is the leading provider of tuna supply chain traceability and verification services focused on the Pacific Ocean region. Specializing in ensuring transparency and integrity throughout the Pacific tuna supply chain through direct engagement with fishing authorities, Pacifical verifies tuna catches utilizing its SmarTuna platform. Committed to sustainability and accountability, Pacifical services play a vital role in promoting responsible fishing practices and safeguarding marine ecosystems.

Our unique traceability and verification system that enables digital traceability of your tuna supply chain, designed to help you make evidence-based sustainability and environmental claims. The system is already GDST capable for Full Chain. Authenticate your sustainable tuna supply chain and generate proof in a matter of seconds!

Who We Are


As the world’s major tuna resource owners the people of the PNA and other Pacifical island
countries have the obligation to manage and conserve the tuna stocks. Their forefathers were
guardians of our marine resources today. Now they bear the responsibility on the sustainability
of the tuna and to preserve them. Not only for the future of their people and children, but also
as an important food source for world’s population and consumers all over the world.

Meet Them


Pacifical offers verification and traceability of sustainable tuna products packed from only sustainably sources.

Through direct collaboration with fishing authorities, we harness the power of digital traceability to verify each tuna’s origin. We take pride in verifying that every tuna under the Pacifical umbrella meets stringent criteria, including but not limited to No IUU Catch, No Illegal Transshipments At Sea, FAD Free, No By-Catch: Sharks, Dolphins, Whales, Turtles, Whale Sharks, No Child Labor and No Forced Labor.

Our Tuna


At the heart of our operations lies the SmarTuna platform, a pioneering system designed to visualize supply chain an authenticate tuna sustainability claims. 

How It Works


Divinely beautiful under the shiny Pacifical sun, the Pacific’s island nations are scattered across a vast area that covers covers about 46% of Earth’s water surface and about 32% of the planet’s total surface area, pure blue waters.

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