Pacifical brings MSC-certified Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna
from the PNA islands to your closest supermarket

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Pacifical is the global tuna marketing company jointly set up by the 8 PNA Pacific Island nations in 2011, to actively promote the catch, production, distribution and trade of the MSC-certified sustainably caught free school Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna within their prisitine and tuna rich waters of their countries.
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As the world’s major tuna resource owners we as people of the PNA or Pacifical island countries have the obligation to manage and conserve the tuna stocks. Our forefathers were guardians of our marine resources today . Now we bear the responsibility on the sustainability of our tuna stocks and to preserve them. Not only for the future of our people and our children, but also as an important food source for our world’s population and consumers all over the world.

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Divinely beautiful under the shiny Pacifical sun, our countries are scattered across a vast area of 14.8 million Km2 of deep, pure blue waters. An enormous exclusive economic zone 40% larger than the continent of Europe and holding almost 50% of the global skipjack tuna harvest.

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Pacifical offers sustainable products packed from only two types of tuna:
MSC certified sustainably caught free school skipjack and yellowfin tuna.

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How has Pacifical arranged the traceability & chain of custody from sea to shelf in regard to the PNA MSC certified free school skipjack & yellowfin tuna, which has been caught in the waters of the 8 PNA nations?

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