Market Snapshots

OCEANIA | MARCH 2021 | MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot

Oceania is not only the world’s largest supplier of MSC certified tuna, but with Australia and New Zealand, the region is also one of the major MSC tuna buyers in the planet, yet it is a market that is experiencing stagnation.

There has not been a lot of MSC tuna developments in Oceania since 2016. To this day, only one major brand has consistently used the MSC ecolabel. A bit sad to see many “responsibly sourced” claims without independent verification. Some of those brands even offer yellowfin from the Indian Ocean, where the stock is overfished.

Sourcing from sustainable fisheries supports island nations highly dependent on the health of their tuna resources. Making the right sustainable choices makes a huge difference. We are hopeful to see major players in Oceania making the right choices in 2021.

Click here to access the March 2021 Oceania MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot.

BENELUX | FEBRUARY 2021 | MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot

The Benelux region has shown a significant increase in MSC-ecolabel awareness. The Netherlands’ 2nd and 3rd largest retailers introduced MSC Certified canned tuna under private Label, and Belgium has witnessed a retailer switch its entire private label assortment to MSC. The PNA MSC certified fishery and our Pacifical partners have played a key role in many of these market introductions.

Despite COVID-19, Pacifical has been closely observing and supporting the recent developments in this markets with great interest. We thought you would find it interesting to learn about them, so we summarized it in a snapshot.

Click here to access the February 2021 Benelux MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot.

UNITED STATES | SEPTEMBER 2020 | MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot

The North American landscape is changing drastically and rapidly. US grocery stores have started to introduce MSC certified canned tuna products as low as 0.68 USD per can. US consumers will, from now on, enjoy access to affordable sustainable MSC certified canned tuna. Pacifical has been observing closely the recent developments of the US market with great interest. We bring you a snapshot on our findings.

Click here to access the September 2020 USA MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot.

GERMANY | MAY 2020 | MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot

German grocery stores have started to introduce MSC certified canned tuna products at a very competitive price entry level. Pacifical is playing a major role in supporting brands and retailers with consistent large volumes of MSC certified wild tuna, fully traceable from sea to shelf. The share of MSC-certified products in Germany continues to increase rapidly and the MSC eco-label consumer awareness remains high, ranking 3rd globally.

Click here to access the May 2020 Germany MSC Canned Tuna Snapshot.