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Securing the future of climate resilience in the Pacific cannot be left to chance

Sea-level rise, extreme weather events, impacts on the ocean eco-system, Pacifical PNA Island States suffer the greatest consequences of climate change. Threatening the livelihood of close to a million Pacifical island people. They meet their targets of around 0.1 % of total global greenhouse gas emissions, while the polluting countries representing more than 70% of…

New Report! Oceania MSC Tuna Market Snapshot

New! – What makes Oceania a stagnant MSC Tuna market? It is not only the world’s largest supplier with the PNA island nations but also one of the major buying regions of MSC-certified tuna with Australia and New Zealand. Two static markets when it comes to offering consumers verifiable sustainable catch. Find out more in…

Sad News: UK Retailers have lost their once leading position on Tuna Sustainability

These supermarkets are excellent performers in consistently increasing their MSC-certified volume mostly sold frozen or chilled fish but why are they grossly underperforming on their main selling seafood item: canned tuna? Market leader Tesco (27%) has pledged to go for 100% MSC certified Tuna by 2025. Will this decision influence the other retailers? Check out…

“Believe you can and you are half-way there”

From USD 50 million to 500 million, the PNA nations have ten folded their income in just a decade, making a huge difference in the life of PNA people! Some islands are now able to provide benefits for the unemployed, pensions for the elderly, stipends for students, aid for the disabled, and can afford to…

Happy International Women’s Day!

Women make up large parts of the workforce in tuna value chains. Happy International Women’s Day to all women worldwide, and especially to those women in the #Pacific with an active role in the PNA #MSC tuna supply chain. From fishing, processing, monitoring, and/or management, today we celebrate you!


Not all heroes wear capes. Today, on World Wildlife Day, we highlight the people behind our PNA sustainable wild #tuna fishery. They help to provide the world with an affordable, sustainable, and valuable source of protein and omega 3: #sustainabletuna

Want to know more about our shareholders?

The 8+1 countries Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, PNG, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, and Tuvalu are the shareholders of the PNA and control the first and largest MSC Tuna fishery! Check out this link to learn more about these wonderful ocean nations:


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