Exciting News!

100% of all our supply chain partners will have the ability to align their Pacifical supply chain traceability data language with multiple product categories. We can’t wait to see the GDST Traceability Standard coming to reality in our tuna industry!

Huge thanks to @Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) , @EVRYTHNG – a Digimarc company and Digimarc who have been together with us in this initiative aiming to demonstrate the technical ability to transmit all GDST Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) consistently across our systems.

This ability could be extended to tuna brands and retailers that are aiming to implement the GDST Standard and sourcing @Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Pacifical tuna from the Western Pacific Island region. Contact us today so that we can let you know how you can take part in this: info@pacifical.com

To read more about this, click here: https://www.pacifical.com/pacifical-and-digimarc-making-the-gdst-traceability-standard-a-reality/