Final Report Determines PNA Fishery Should Be Recertified MSC

The Final Report on the PNA fishery’s MSC reassessment process has been published, and concludes that the fishery should be recertified.

With great pride we can announce that the MSC has now published the Certification Assessment Body (CAB), Acoura Marine’s Final Report on the reassessment of the PNA Western and Central Pacific skipjack and yellowfin free-school purse seine fishery, where our Pacifical co-branded tuna is sourced from.

The outcome is extremely encouraging; following a 30-day stakeholder comment period on the initial draft report from the CAB, this final report maintains the high passing scores across the board that were given to the PNA free school fisheries.

It is therefore determined by the CAB that the fishery “meets the MSC Standard and should be recertified as a sustainable fishery.”

There will now be a 15 working day period in which previously involved stakeholders may lodge a notice of objection to this determination.You can download the final report by Acoura Marine here.