FCF Signs MOU with Pacifical on MSC Certified Free School Skipjack Tuna

We are happy to announce the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between PNA – Pacifical and the largest tuna supplier in the Western Pacific Ocean, Fong Chun Formosa Fishery Company, Ltd. (FCF) covering their latest processing investment in PNG. The MOU signed represents the beginning of a strong and mutually beneficial partnership, as well as FCF’s legitimate demonstration of leadership. FCF’s decision highlights the importance of implementing sustainable fishing practices to conserve tuna stocks, avoid harming other marine species and protect the overall ocean ecosystem. As one of the largest marine products trading companies, FCF is committed to being at the forefront of sustainability fishing practices, maintaining the highest Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) strict standards while trading skipjack tuna from the Pacific Island Nations (PNA).

“With this agreement along our other MOUs, associated processors and with our 60 committed vessels in our supply chain platform, FCF will be the largest solution provider of PNAO/MSC tuna from ‘Ocean to Table,’ said FCF CEO WH Lee. “This truly is an exciting development—and 2015 has just begun.”

Over the next few weeks, PNA and Pacifical will be working together with FCF in ensuring smooth delivery of MSC to the consumer’s table, of what is anticipated to be up to 200,000 M/T of MSC skipjack.

“Combining their associated fleet’s MSC certification under our PNA/Pacifical program is what sets it up for success,” said Commercial Manager of PNA Fisheries Maurice Brownjohn. “This is truly a significant partnership in the spirit of regional development as envisioned by the Ministers of Pacific Island Nations.”

We are thrilled to count with FCF as a key commercial and strategic partner on PNA MSC certified tuna and continue to strongly encourage other industry stakeholders to also join us on this sustainable mission. Together we hold an enormous responsibility; to preserve our tuna stocks for generations to come. We look forward to what lies ahead of our cooperation and are very excited to start supplying the world with MSC certified tuna caught by FCF vessels in the waters of the Parties of the Nauru Agreement.