PNA Is “Beyond Single Species Management” Say WWF, Greenpeace And PEW

We are proud to be honored with the support of the three worlds’ most influential conservation organizations: Greenpeace, WWF and PEW. Recently they issued a joint statement in support of the PNA, this seldom happens, so we feel fortunate and are very thankful for it.

These 3 organizations found it necessary to publically express their open support to the PNA MSC certification after the negative statements about Pacifical and the PNA that made by the US based dolphin conservation group, Earth Island Institute. Emails and faxes with lots of false and fully inaccurate information to many people in the tuna industry were EII’s reaction after Pacifical refused to commit to the outdated one-species conservation standard of the dolphin group.

Here below are some parts of this joint statement:

“Pew, Greenpeace, and WWF wish to congratulate the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) for their increased commitments to the sustainable management of their tuna fisheries. PNA countries have taken steps that make them leaders in the implementation of the ecosystem approach to the management of tuna…

The PNA approach to fisheries management has gone beyond traditional single-species management, and more fully embraces the ecosystem approach….

Specifically, the PNA should be praised for further advancing international standards by committing to independent at-sea observers to verify catches of dolphins, sharks, whales, and turtles on purse seine vessels…”