Gustav Gerig Launches Blockchain For Pacifical MSC Tuna Products

Gustav Gerig, an over 90-year well-established Swiss food company, has decided to partner with Pacifical cv to make their MSC certified canned and pouched Rosé tuna range under its “Raimond Freres” brand traceable through the Ethereum blockchain. The products will be recognizable by the Pacifical logo on the cans lids.

By making this bold move, Gustav Gerig is the first European food importer to make a fish range fully traceable from the catch to the final product processing via the Ethereum blockchain. In providing an optimal level of transparency the company will enable all its clients access to data on exactly how the Pacifical MSC tuna was sustainably caught through the following information: which captain, vessel, catch timing, method and area, where and when it was processed.

Thanks to this top-notch technology, Gustav Gerig further confirms not only its leadership and innovative position within the Swiss Food market, but most importantly its mindset to offer sustainable goods.

This innovative tool is provided by the company Atato, a blockchain service provider that builds decentralized applications for enterprise customers. Founded in 2017 in Bangkok, Atato leads the enterprise innovation on blockchain in partnership with ConsenSys.

To also ensure the quality of the “Raimond Freres” brand for this project the final product and packaging will be audited by JMB International Thailand, a quality control third party with more than 30 years of experience in the tuna industry.

How does it work?

The MSC tuna products involved in this project will be recognizable by carrying the Pacifical logo on the can lids. The consumer will need to scan the QR code on the can label to access the blockchain viewer website. Once on the website, the consumer will need to enter the Pacifical tracking code found on the can lid. Then all the traceability information relevant to the fish in the can will be downloaded.

View an example: