Happy World Tuna Day: Pacifical Announces Winners of the WTD T-Shirt Design Contest

Today is May 2nd, World Tuna Day; A day that reminds us of the invaluable role tuna plays in the world and of course, our Pacific region, as well as the importance of safeguarding the health of the tuna stocks for future generations. To commemorate this occasion, our team at Pacifical organized a T-shirt design competition to highlight the significance of tuna. The contest was only applicable to citizens of select Pacific nations. The first-place winner will be awarded a grand prize of USD 850 and up to 15 t-shirts featuring his design. The second-place winner will receive USD 300 and up to 5 t-shirts showcasing their design.

Winner #1 – Ronnie Reimers – Marshall Islands: Island Bounty

The winning design was submitted by Ronnie Reimers from the Marshall Islands. The design beautifully captures the essence of tuna’s importance in Pacific life. The tuna fish is placed at the center of the design with vibrant colors symbolizing the rich biodiversity of our oceans. Encircling the fish is a ribbon adorned with the inscription “World Tuna Day,” serving as a reminder of the significance of this species. At the heart of the design, the phrase “Island Bounty” highlights the abundance of tuna in the Pacific waters that continues to live and thrives when fishing is responsibly managed, urging us to protect our oceans’ invaluable resources.’

Winner #2 – William Galuvakadua – Tokelau: Protection and Unity

William Galuvakadua from Tokelau won second place with a design that embodies the spirit of protection, nurture, and unity. The outlined box represents a safe region, fostering hope and prosperity for the future. A tuna fish leaping out of the water symbolizes the effort to spread awareness globally, embodying strength, agility, and perseverance. The inclusion of Pacifical logo reinforces the commitment of the region to promote sustainable fishing practices, while the traditional motifs symbolize the unity of Pacific communities in safeguarding tuna populations.

We congratulate the winners and our sincere appreciation to all participants who shared their talent and passion for tuna conservation. It was an absolute pleasure for our team to review each one of the entries.

Happy World Tuna Day to everyone!