United Nations Confirms World Tuna Day

The United Nations General Assembly has voted with no objection to ratify World Tuna Day, which will now be established as a globally-recognized event, celebrated annually on May 2nd.

First celebrated as a small event in Papua New Guinea in 2011, the initiative from the PNA and Pacifical was created to spread awareness of the value and importance of tuna, both to the PNA region and globally.

May 2nd has been a day for the people of the PNA to celebrate the fish and the importance to its economy, as well as the fact that it controls the world’s largest sustainable skipjack fishery. Since its establishment it has grown to be an internationally recognized occasion.

As many as 96 nations endorsed the vote prior to the election at UN’s headquarters in New York City, with ambassadors from PNA nations in attendance.

“We are delighted with United Nations ratification of World Tuna Day,” said PNA CEO Ludwig Kumoru. “It confirms the world’s appreciation of the value of tuna,” he said.

As World Tuna Day has been marked in the global calendar, the day will be a must for tuna companies to put in their business agenda for special promotions of tuna products, whatever the origin, and for the global industry and community to celebrate this important fish.

“Thanks to the United Nation’s vote today, next year’s World Tuna Day celebration will be a global event that reminds us of the importance of tuna to our economies, livelihoods and food security,” said Kumoru.