Pacifical’s Yellowfin The Cleanest Sustainable Tuna In The Market

Guess what? Our Pacifical yellowfin tuna from the Western Central Pacific Ocean has been found to contain far lower levels of pollutants in their muscle tissues than any other yellowfin from other ocean areas. This makes our Pacifical MSC certified yellowfin products caught within the PNA waters of the WCPO, not only one of the most sustainable choices a consumer can make, but also the cleanest and healthiest option!!!

The research conducted by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, called ‘Geographic Differences in Persistent Organic Pollutant Levels of Yellowfin Tuna’, concluded that the presence of toxic compounds depends on where the tuna is caught, putting WCPO-caught yellowfin at the top of the 117 tested specimens.

In this study researchers tested dorsal, white muscle filets of yellowfin tuna from all four major stocks; in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, Western Pacific and Indian Ocean, covering 12 different capture locations. Their findings showed levels of persistent organic pollutants as much as 36 times higher in the muscle tissue of yellowfin caught in the northeast Pacific Ocean and the northeast Atlantic Ocean, in comparison to yellowfin tested from the Western Pacific Ocean, where our MSC certified Pacifical yellowfin tuna is being caught.

Persistent organic pollutants include pesticides, flame retardants and Polychlorinated biphenyls (compounds that had previously been used as coolants in electrical equipment). Despite their restricted or eliminated use, these pollutants still persist in the environment, and accumulate in organisms including fish and humans, and can affect the body’s defense against foreign substances.

These results highlight the importance of traceability and how vital it is to know the origin of your fish. We are committed to continue to feed the world with a truly healthy, clean and sustainable Pacifical tuna, caught in the pristine waters of the PNA countries.