Pacifical People were already hooking tuna 42.000 Years Ago!

Recent discoveries have shown how important tuna is for the people of the Pacific. It is hard to imagine that 42.000 years ago, tuna was already caught with man-made fishing hooks. They made them out of bones; however it is not yet clear for what kind of species the hooks were used for.

Recent excavations on the island of Timor have found remains of tuna and other deep water species in a cave excavated in one of the pacific islands. This cave is to date the earliest evidence for ocean fishing!

How smart these people were to design tools that would catch deep seas species in order to provide their tribes with healthy protein… Let’s not forget people back then did not have boats to explore the seas, instead they used hooks made out of bones to catch several deep water species, such as tuna. Just imagine these people battling with a 100 kgs hooked yellowfin. The bones found revealed they did indeed catch some big fish.

42.000 years later, Pacifical is committed to conserve these same precious tuna stocks, which will hopefully remain as a major source of food and income for the Pacific Islanders for another 42.000 years. But let’s first concentrate on what we can do ourselves during our life time!