New CEO for the PNA Office

The time has come to say farewell to a highly appreciated member of our Pacifical family; Dr. Transform Aqorau. After six very productive years as the CEO of the PNA office, Dr. Aqorau is stepping down.

Responsible for a vast, pristine and sustainably managed body of water in the WCPO, the world’s largest MSC certified tuna purse seine fishery, and 50 percent of global skipjack stocks, Dr. Aqorau’s management record can only be worthy of high recognition. During his administration the revenue to the eight PNA island nations increased from USD 60 million in 2010 to an estimated USD 400 million last year. Thank you for your hard work and contribution. Dr. Aqorau, you will certainly be missed!

PNA officials have offered PNG NFA Deputy Managing Director, Ludwig Kumoru the position of CEO of the PNA office. We will keep you posted on this.