Why Tracing Matters

At Pacifical we believe it is crucial that we can follow our tuna all the way from ocean, fishing vessel, producer and retailer to your supermarket. This way we can assure that our tuna is healthy, sustainable and comes with the right price for you as consumers as well as the Pacifical People.

For Consumers

With our unique traceability system and our tracking code,  you can check and assure yourself about how exactly, by which sustainable catching method, vessel and  captain the tuna in your can was caught in our pristine part of the Pacific Ocean:

For Business

Food Safety and Sustainability concerns make it important to offer all supply chain partners a high level of transparency and insight into our entire Pacifical Chain of Custody.  
With our traceability platform we gather all relevant data from moment of catch till delivery of the final end product,  and ensure that all critical points are closely monitored . This contributes to a highly reliable tuna supply chain based on in-depth information.

For fisherman and Processing Industry

Our traceability not only offers a look backwards, it allows fisherman also to learn how their tuna runs through the market. This offers important drivers and rewards to fish sustainable and manage the Pacifical Ocean.


We have built a unique assurance system or chain of custody based on three pillars: The MSC values, Validation and Administration.  In the model below you can find out how our system of checks and balance exactly works:

We are proud to explain you more about our work  and systems in detail, please contact us with your questions here.
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