The 8 PNA Countries = 25% of the world tuna catch
  • PNA stand for: Parties to the Nauru
  • These Pacifical island nations are located in the Western Central Pacific Ocean – between 20° North and 20° South – straddling the equator.
  • The area of the EEZ’s ( Exclusive Economic Zones) of the 8 PNA countries combined 14.8million Km2 or 40% larger than the size of Europe.
  • The tuna catches within waters of the PNA are about 1.1 million tons or about 25% of the total global catch of all tuna species combined.
  • Our waters hold almost 50% of the global skipjack stock.
  • Of the approximately 590 large tuna purse seiner vessels in the world, 252 boats fish within PNA waters.
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PNA - Parties to the Nauru Agreement
The Nauru Agreement is a subregional agreement on terms and conditions for tuna purse seine fishing licenses in the region. The Parties to the Nauru Agreement are...