MSC certified Tuna From The PNA Waters

To ensure the transparency of the fully traceable Pacifical MSC certified free school Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna, we show below the companies and brands that offer Pacifical MSC tuna catch from the PNA waters (FAO Zones 71 and 77).

Pacifical holds MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding) with its partners that fish, process, sell and deliver MSC free school certified tuna from the PNA waters to the market. Such an MOU outlines the terms and details of an understanding between Pacifical and our partner about how we work together on MSC certified tuna from the PNA waters. 

Companies and brands in partnership with Pacifical are categorized below by sector, product and country. For more information about a specific company or brand, please click the logo/name .

All the Pacifical MSC certified tuna products sold by the below brands and distributors can be recognized in the marketplace by the presence of our Pacifical logo, which represents  the support and contribution of our partners to the development of these nations that fully depend on tuna, their economies and their extensive efforts to preserve their tuna resources for the world’s future generations.
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Frozen Yellowfin Steaks or Loins
Preserved Tuna
Whole Round Tuna
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