“Trial Trips” Starting Up For The Upcoming MSC Chain Of Custody Certification
June 7, 2012
Retailers, suppliers, foodservice companies are already busy planning the launch of their MSC skipjack tuna later this year. So, many of them have been asking us:

“When exactly can we expect MSC skipjack from the PNA on our shelves?”

As per the latest developments and information available to us, we anticipate today the following time planning:

• 2nd round of MSC Chain of Custody (COC) trial trips: June / July 2012
• MSC COC certified by an independent Certification body: End July 2012
• First approved supply of raw material arriving at the cannery: August 2012
• Product ready for shipment: 30 July – August
• 2 months transit per vessel to Europe: Mid October 2012

So effectively we hope to be delivering our initial product to the first supermarkets in October. In the beginning, we expect to start up country by country, on a first come first served basis. As you can imagine to get this project moving and ensuring that everybody will get delivered accurately and timely according to his contracts and supply will be our priority.

Only once we have ensured that we can provide and deliver continuously will we commit to contracts. We ask your understanding for this.
Stay up-to-date on the development of Pacifical MSC Tuna.

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