“Pirates of the Pacific” Sneaking Into the High Sea Pockets!
November 29, 2011
No, we are not talking about a new movie… but about the hard reality of today. With value of tuna increasing, conservation and management measures of our PNA countries closing specific tuna fishing areas, there are signs of an increase of Illegal, Unregistered and Unregulated tuna fishing. Some fishing vessels to whom certain fishing grounds have been closed, have turned to IUU fishing. It is often not that they cannot fish legally elsewhere, in fact they can. However frequently their owners do not want to pay for tuna licenses, and prefer to steal our fish.

These vessels have removed their flag, their vessel name and register numbers, setting course to tuna-rich high seas areas called the Pacific Commons or High Sea Pockets. These areas are reserved as a place to restore tuna stock population and help prevent a potential collapse of the species. They are located between the borders of the PNA EEZs.

Of course we do not have reliable figures on how much tuna they are stealing from the Pacific annually, but some conservative estimates talk about more than 20%!

This month Greenpeace caught one Philippine pirate vessel in the Pacific high seas pockets #1 (between PNG, Indonesia, Palau and Micronesia). Greenpeace campaign vessel - the Esperanza - is currently active in the waters of the PNA observing vessel activities. It is obviously completely unacceptable that these vessels are violating our efforts to protect the tuna stocks; key to our food security and economic prosperity.

If you want to know what these IUU vessels look like and how they operate, take a look at this video where tuna pirates are caught red-handed: Check it out!

Just make sure that this stolen tuna does Not end up in your tuna cans!
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