How Can You really be sure that You Get Sustainable Fished Tuna?
October 27, 2011
Probably one of the most important reasons that the MSC standard has become so widely accepted, is that it has such a rigorous assessment and Chain of Custody certification process.

With demand for sustainable fished tuna rising rapidly all over the world, it is tempting and also lucrative to attach a sustainability logo to the tuna product, even though there are hardly any reliable procedures in place to assure that What You Buy - Is What You Get.

There are now several sustainability initiatives or eco standards used in our sector, but often the matter of accurate traceability of such tuna has been given too little attention; opening possibilities for eco-fraud and "green washing".

The idea behind the MSC Chain of Custody is to establish a consistent method along the Pacifical supply chain process, that would let us have concrete evidence and witnesses verifying and supervising that the skipjack caught and used by Pacifical is sourced from MSC certified FAD-free tuna caught by vessels participating under the PNA MSC free school skipjack scheme.

Our MSC Chain of Custody (CoC) will ensure that the Free school skipjack is rigidly kept separate from the set right into the designated wells; wells sealed, monitored and maintained with absolute separation all the way through to its processing, labeling onshore but above all….. Completely apart from tuna caught on FADs or any other method different from Free School or FAD-free.

How do we do that? PNA place independent observers on every fishing boat, on every carrier and in each port. A purse seiner captain will assign which wells are meant to be exclusively used for MSC free school skipjack. Also the carrier needs to have separate chambers which can only hold MSC tuna, nothing else.

Recently, the first 16 observers have been specially trained in MSC’ CoC processes; trial companies and vessels are now being internally audited to ensure systems are in place before trials begin, and before the scheme is audited independently. Soon more will follow.

It’s our aim to start small and gradually increase the number of participating vessels that will work within our CoC in the following years. So you can feel assured that you are really getting and paying for sustainable tuna!
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