Is Pacifical open to business with every company?
October 27, 2011
We have been receiving a lot of questions from companies interested to start business with us on our (hopefully soon MSC certified) free school skipjack tuna from the PNA.

However, the reality is that we will not be able to supply all those companies, simply for the reason that we will start gradually. In the beginning we will not have enough volume to satisfy all the demand.

For this reason, Pacifical has chosen to cooperate only with major players in each country within the following 3 market segments: retail, food service and food processing. We feel that our future partners in business should have the following characteristics:

• A strong proven dedication to seafood sustainability
• A large market share and significant volumes of tuna handled
• A willingness to promote our PNA origin, where the tuna was caught and processed, by adding our Pacifical logo as a co-brand on their products.

So far we have concluded exclusive partnership agreements with leading retailers, food service providers and food processors in the most important Western European markets, Australia and New Zealand. Negotiations for USA, Canada and South Africa are ongoing.
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